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Small talk with the new prima ballerina Nadezhda Batoeva

On July 10 after “Don Quixote” at the Mariinsky theatre Nadezhda Batoeva was named a new prima ballerina of the theatre. We talked with Nadezhda about that meaningful day.

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Were you expecting this status? Were you dreaming of it? It is said that the announcement of a new prima ballerina is always a surprise for the ballerina, but it seems from the video that you were not really taken aback. Were you aware of what would happen before the performance?

No, I was not expecting this and did not know anything. I was shocked. When the curtain fell down, I asked, “Can we repeat this all again, I want to live through it and feel it fully?”

How has your life changed since you became a prima ballerina?

It has been only a week since I was awarded this status. I have not felt any changes so far.

Could you tell us about your favorite prima ballerinas of the Mariinsky of the past? Who is your inspiration and from whom do you learn?

Well, you know, when I work on a new performance, I watch videos with different ballerinas from different ballet epochs. I get inspired by them and search for new exciting moments, poses, and movements that can embellish my role and try to make them my own. To tell the truth, when I watch these performances, I do not pay attention if this or that dancer is a soloist or a ballerina. I notice only if this is beautiful and touching.

It is hard to answer this question by picking up several ballerinas because each ballerina of the past and of the present has performances in which they look extraordinarily good. However, the main inspiration for me is our teachers from the Mariinsky who used to dance all the repertoire in such a great way and nowadays they share these nuances with us with an amazing delicacy and tact.

What plans do you have for the future? What roles would you like to dance?

I would say that I do not plan, I dream. For example, this season the dream of dancing Mekhmeneh Bahnu has come true. Another dream but more complicated one is to dance Manon.


Prepared by: Julia Pneva

Photographer: Marianna Sorokina

Makeup: Julia Persikova

Fashion: Tatyana Kochnova Bridal


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