Yuria Isaka: "Ballet is my life and my passion"

18-year-old Yuria Isaka, a graduate of the Princess Grace Academy, joined the Staatsballett Berlin this season. Being the company’s youngest member, on November 25 she debuted on stage of the Deutsche Oper Berlin with the first serious role in her career – Yuria danced Clara in Burlaka-Medvedev’s production of “The Nutcracker” with Daniil Simkin. We had a talk with Yuria about the beginning of her career and her attitude to “The Nutcracker” before the performance.

How did you start doing ballet? Was it your own decision or your mum's, maybe?

Yes, my mum wanted me to dance, so I started doing ballet at the age of 6. When I was 15, I entered the Princess Grace Academy of Ballet in Monaco. After my graduation I joined the Staatsballet Berlin.

Almost all ballet artists say that ballet children are different from other children because from their early age they are accustomed to pain and hard work. Do you agree with it?

Yes, sure.

Where did you find motivation for your studies?

From my family, friends and people who support me, it gave me motivation.

What is your relationship with pain? I mean that sometimes this profession can be really hurtful.

Actually, it doesn't hurt so much until now. Of course, sometimes I have muscle pain but it's normal for dancers. Stretching and massage every day is important. I want to prevent possible injuries, so I have to take care of myself.

Can you please name three most talented Japanese dancers of your generation?

The first one is May Nagahisa, then Rina Kanehara and the third one I couldn't think of. They are also from the Princess Grace Academy, and they are doing really good.

Do you think Japanese artists express feelings in a different way?

Yes, I believe so because Japanese personality is very sensitive, and we also pay attention to details, so in dance you can see it very much.

Why is art, to be more exact, ballet so loved in Japan?

As I said, our personality is very delicate, and the same in classical music. I think It matches Japanese personality.