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Message to readers

Интернет-журнал об опере и балете Voci dell'Opera

The online magazine about opera and ballet “Voci dell'Opera” has become the embodiment of an old dream to write about art the way you want, and what you want. We are undoubtedly pleased and inspired by the fact that we can share impressions, discoveries and sparks of eternity with you. Interest in classical singing and academic dance is finding a new revival, and this inspires people to rethink the old, search for the long-forgotten and support the new art. None of the articles are written in the throes of commitment and compulsion - inspiration is our only motive and guide. That is why the site's themes are not strictly limited to academic or performing arts issues. The vast world has countless languages and forms of beauty, and the desire to talk about them is stronger than the framework of "opera and ballet". In addition, no art, and indeed life in general, is impossible to comprehend in isolation. The knowledge of beauty elevates a person, therefore the creation of a living territory of beauty is our cherished desire.


The art of opera is endless: having fallen in love with it, there is no turning back. We are interested in all topics related to the opera world without exception: masterpieces of classical music, brilliant composers and their muses, divine voices, vocal technique, love stories and vivid characters of opera singers and singers. The search for the secret of the voice, long-forgotten operatic talents, rare operas and productions that have sunk into oblivion of bel canto and baroque music take a lot of time, but they also generously reward those who are not indifferent. Nymphs put their lives on the altar of art only so that the voice of eternity does not subside.


"The most beautiful of all arts", ballet, tells about the stories of love and death in a language understandable to all people on Earth. Enduring values, recurring crimes and miracles of faith, vow and duty find expression in dancing. "First there was the Word," says the Bible, but Maya Plisetskaya objects: "First there was a gesture!" The art of silent movement does not require human language or translation. The beauty of the body in motion, the body as a tool for creating art, now in themselves serve as "subjects" for plotless dances. Of course, we do not ignore the great dancers of the past, prim-ballerinas of the Assolut, as well as the history of the entry to Parnassus through inhuman suffering in spite of everything, against the current. Character is destiny. Ballet is impossible without the technique of classical dance, without the nature of the body, without sacrifice and unconditional love, without sweat and blood - it is impossible to remain silent about this harsh reverse side, “about hard labor in flowers”. And yet ballet is a perfect movement? which makes you forget about everything petty and earthly. As long as Dumuzi waits for Ishtar, so many dances exist.


In addition to opera and ballet, we would like to talk about other arts. Cinema, scenery, painting and other forms of manifestation of creative power deepen our feelings and souls, highlighting new facets and enhancing the ability to perceive such a different beauty in the world. Do not reject someone else's, do not stigmatize the incomprehensible. There will be: the art of the peoples of the world, wars and dialogues between East and West, endless revivals of a shepherd and a nymph, travel to museums and collections in search of beauty and much more that does not fit into these definitions.

We wish you joy and goodness!

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