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Must-see art exhibitions in Berlin

Being the capital of techno and sexual freedom, Berlin, nevertheless, never fails to offer a diverse array of art exhibitions and installation for each taste. Below we present 3 current exhibitions worth visiting.

1. "The Snow Falls Slowly in Paradise" by Lin May Saeed

German-Iraqi sculptor Lin May Saeed whose central artistic concern was animal liberation and the relationship between animals and humans died in 2023, so the exhibition came as a homage to her enormous artistic heritage which contains sculptures, reliefs, metal gates, expansive silhouettes and drawings.

With a great humour and compassion, the sculptor told us the stories about beasts and humans living side by side through the well-known plots of fairytales and fables. For example, the one about St. Gerasim and the lion whose friendship developed after the saint removed a thorn from the lion's paw became an inspiration for one of her famous works.

Lin May Saeed tried to incorporate her ethnic background into her art by using Arabic sayings and scripts. One of her most prominent relief is called "The Lion School". The work contains the saying "The Snow Falls Slowly in Paradise" in Arabic and portrays the two lioness separated by the hierarchical multi-layered composition of the ancient world in which animals played their role too. It supports the idea of John Berger who stated that animals first entered the imagination of humans as messengers and promise, not as meat or leather or horn.

On display till February 24, 2024 at Georg Kobe Museum

Tickets: 8 euros (reduced 5 euros)

Art museum in Berlin

2. "NUDE" by 30 international female artists

Recently opened photography museum Fotografiska Berlin has launched their first hyped exhibition "NUDE" that comprises the artworks of 30 female artists who are exploring the concept of female body and self-representation while challenging the imposed society norms and tackling the questions of gender identity, race, and social roles.

It is definitely worth a visit as the museum has a great styled space and lighting, however, be ready to pay 14-16 euros for an adult ticket on a weekend day.

Here you can drop by at a very cozy cafe decorated with modern photography works. There is also a swank bar where we would definitely spend some evening with friends.

On display till January 21, 2024, at Fotografiska Berlin

Fotografiska museum interior

3. "Devouring Lovers" by Eva Fàbregas

A very simple, yet engaging exhibition by Spanish artist Eva Fàbregas offers a 3D sensual experience to viewers and lets them explore the grades of passion, desire, and obsession implied by huge organ-like sculptures placed in the spacious hall of the former railway station. As the sculptor says, the colours are really important in her works, and they help us create certain associations in our mind. Eva also admits is more interested in the ways of how desire ignites and develops, not how it is satisfied, that is why her works, though not moving, create a dynamic impression on the visitor.

It does not take long to see the whole exhibition, however, you can definitely enjoy taking some photos here and looking around for various shapes and colours.

On display till January 7, 2024 at Hamburger Bahnhof

Tickets: 12 euros (reduced 6 euros)


Text: Julia Pneva


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