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"we are all made of stars" in Berlin – the journey through the body

'What if our bodies are an integral part of nature… meaning they’re perfect?', questions one of Instagram trending videos. It shows us precisely how our small imperfections look surprisingly aligned with nature’s most amazing features and makes us doubt if we really have to worry so much about nowadays beauty standards. This idea is further developed in the performance "we are all made of stars" by Freddie Wulf that was presented during the Performing Arts Festival in Berlin on June 2.

The production was accompanied by the ambient music and live performance by Alicia Jane Turner who recreated the sounds of the surrounding world – the splash of water, the babble of a stream, the rustle of leaves – with their vocals and a DJ set. The magnificent video sequence, which was produced live for us using a borescope camera mounted on the body of the main performer enhanced the engulfing effect of the show. The idea is to look at our bodies from another perspective by drawing parallels with the miraculous nature and taking pride in the fact that we, although a small part of it, are indeed also made of stars.

The performance contained some provocative and shocking elements which could perhaps appall an unprepared audience. For example, the main performer discovered that his body was covered in algae and that a water lily had suddenly grown in his anus. He then danced in the nude revealing non-human traits that were more likely to be found in amphibians. Nudity is definitely an essential element of this production as it contributes to convey the message that our physical body is just a shell holding the priceless treasures of the universe of our soul, which each of us unquestionably owns.

The show took place at the independent Sophiensæle theatre which is an unusual and inspiring creative space for contemporary arts in Berlin. Everyone who wants to broaden up their horizons on the definition of arts nowadays and discover some other angles of it should definitely visit this fascinating location.


photography: Manuel Vason

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Camila Wilford
Camila Wilford
Nov 22, 2023

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